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After School Care

Onsite Options


Extend-A-Care for Kids provides an after-school child care on-site at Eden Park Academy for the convenience of working parents. The program includes a variety of outdoor and indoor activities including supervised sports, field trips, creative arts, science projects, and time for reading and homework.  EAC programs are licensed by the State of Texas.

The program costs $150/month. If you wish to enroll your child, please call Extend-A-Care at (512) 472-9402 or visit us at

Offsite Options

*Please verify prices and participation with the provider listed.

  1. Imagination Learning Center ($275/mo)- (512) 586-4335,
  1. Tae Kwon Do Plus ($260/mo)- (512) 280-0899,
  1. Texas Power Athletics ($250/mo)- (512) 284-9211
  1. Sunshine Community Church ($200/mo)- (512) 444-3326,
  1. HALO at Soccer Zone ($225/mo)- (512) 859-3188

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