Wayside: Eden Park Academy Leadership

Hope Astor, Principal

Marlo Kaskoto, Assistant Principal

Marlo began her career at Wayside Schools as an educator in August 2005 at Wayside: Eden Park Academy. Over the years, she successfully taught kindergarten, third through fifth grades, sixth and seventh grade math, Texas History, US History, World Cultures and 9th grade World Geography.

Prior to assuming her role as an Assistant Principal at Wayside: Eden Park Academy, Marlo was considered a master teacher at EPA. She helped develop and deliver teacher professional development, was instrumental in improving school-wide math performance, and helped write math curriculum.  She led the team of teachers responsible for gaining recognition as one of the best middle schools in Austin by Austin Monthly magazine.

She also served as a mentor to aspiring teachers and teachers new to the district.  Marlo was the district’s first instructional coach where she taught teachers how to incorporate evidence-based, student centered practices to support student learning.

Marlo is a thoughtful, analytical problem solver and a life-long learner.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Sociology and a Masters of Elementary Education from Texas State University in San Marcos.

Marlo enjoys spending time with her family, reading, hiking and camping.

Rosa Ramos, Assistant Campus Operations Manager