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Get Involved

Support Wayside Schools’ Next Chapter

As a charter school, Wayside Schools receives less funding than its ISD counterparts. In fact, our campuses receive over $1500 less per child annually. That is money that could fund field trips, art programs and science projects for our scholars.

With your help, we can provide more opportunities for our scholars to learn and grow. Each field trip, musical performance or science experiment puts our scholars one step closer to achieving their college dream.

To date, every graduate of Wayside Schools has been accepted to college. Many of our scholars are the first in their family to attend university. This goal cannot be met without the support of our community.

$50 – repair one instrument

$95 – one graphing calculator

$175 – Diploma Program exam fees for a low-income scholar

$260 – add a Chromebook to the classroom

$500 – transportation for a field trip

$1200 – a year’s worth of art supplies
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