The International Baccalaureate Programmes

Currently all of the Wayside Schools campuses are either authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) World Schools or are in the candidacy stage of authorization. We believe that every student, regardless of family income, should have access to a world-class education, and the IB offers just that.

What is The IB?

The IB is a curricula framework focused on helping students learn to think more critically, challenge what they are told, and think with a global perspective. It places importance on holistically developing children, using the IB Learner Profiles as the building blocks for learning.

What Age Groups Does The IB Serve

The IB serves students ages 3-19 and consists of four programmes:

Primary Years Programme (PYP) (Ages 3-12)
Middle Years Programme (MYP) (Ages 11-16)
Diploma Programme (DP) (Ages 16-19)
IB Career-related Programme (CP) (Ages 16-19)

What Is The Authorization Status at Each Wayside Schools Campus?

Wayside: Altamira Academy – PYP candidacy
Wayside: Eden Park Academy – PYP candidacy
Wayside: REAL Learning Academy – IB World School, PYP
Wayside: Sci-Tech Preparatory – MYP & DP candidacy

IB and STEM Together- How Does It Work?

Wayside: Sci-Tech Preparatory will be providing the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme with a focus on STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

STEM requires not only an increased opportunity for science, technology, and math courses, but interdisciplinary work among those courses. Learning in a STEM environment involves more project-based learning, problem-based inquiries, and technical writing. One of the key aspects of the engineering field that students will learn is the cycle of research and design. Student products will be assessed against an established set of criteria, which is also a familiar practice in the tech and engineering world.

The IB Middle Years Programme develops a well-rounded student with expectations for interdisciplinary work in all eight subjects that students study in every year of the programme—math, sciences, humanities, language A (English, our language of instruction), language B (Spanish or French for us), the Arts, PE, and technology. Besides interdisciplinary instruction, the MYP is an inquiry-based programme with an expectation for reflective writing in every subject area. Students will learn the Design Cycle to be followed in all subjects, and will be keeping journals and portfolios as they progress through the programme. The IB has established a set of criteria for every subject that teachers will use with students to assess their work.

Having a STEM focus through the MYP is an excellent match—inquiry-based learning with projects and problems to develop their inquiry using the Design Cycle, all the while recording their process and discoveries to reflect on and communicate with others. Their communication skills will be honed through the language classes and they will explore the various tools of technology and their uses through their tech classes. In Humanities students explore people of the world and our country with meaningful perspectives. PE will continue to teach wellness practices and teamwork skills, and the Arts provide the opportunity for students to express their creativity in a variety of ways—both will also provide opportunities for inquiry-based learning, interdisciplinary studies, and reflective writing.