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2018-2019 Lottery Applications Are Now Open!

We are now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 school year!

Wayside Schools uses a lottery system to ensure all applicants are given equal opportunity for enrollment. All applications must be received by March 23, 2018, and results will be made available on our website April 2.

If your child is selected in our lottery, you must attend an Enrollment Session to complete their enrollment. If selected, details for the Enrollment Session will be emailed to your address on file.

If you are not selected – do not worry! You will be placed on a waitlist and we will call you if spots become available, including spots at our sister schools (all located in Southeast Austin).

We encourage you to apply to all of our schools’ lotteries to increase your chances of acceptance. However, multiple applications for the same student at one school will not increase the student’s chance of securing a spot. 

We are accepting lottery applications for the following:

Wayside: Altamira Academy                  (PK3 – 5th Grades)

Wayside: Eden Park Academy               (PK3 – 5th Grades)

Wayside: REAL Learning Academy       (PK3 – 5th Grades)

Wayside: Sci-Tech Preparatory             (6th – 12th Grades)

See directions below to apply to the lottery.

2017-2018  Applications

We are still receiving applications for the 2017-2018 school year! To apply, please email our Enrollment Coordinator, Enrique Burmeister, at enroll@waysideschools.org or call your prospective campus:

o   Wayside: Altamira Academy:                   (512) 953-8301

o   Wayside: Eden Park Academy:                (512) 358-1800

o   Wayside: REAL Learning Academy:         (512) 438-7325

o   Wayside: Sci-Tech Preparatory:               (512) 220-9120

For more information about TEA’s Admission, Enrollment, and Withdrawal Process click here.

Pre-K Eligibility

Students in Texas must qualify to be eligible for free Pre-K classes. For a full list of eligibility requirements, please visit the Texas Education Agency’s website by clicking here.

How To Apply For the 2018-2019 Lottery

Step One

• First, you will you will need to begin our application process by clicking the link to your right.

Start Your Application

Step Two

• To create a new account, click “Register a new account.” Please fill out the required fields  and write down your username so that you don’t forget. Please use your best contact information, as that is the email and phone number we will call you at in case you receive a spot. Once complete, you will get a message saying “Registration saved!..”.  You are now ready to sign in.

• Click the “Account” dropdown on the top of your screen and select “Sign in.” 

• Sign in with the username and password you have just created. Once logged in, click the “Get Started!” button to begin your application.

Step Three

• Fill out your Parent Info and click “Next” at the top.

Step Four

• The next screen says “All Done!” However, you now MUST register your child. Do this by clicking the “Add Another Child” button.

• Once you click “Add Another Child,” fill out your child’s information. Remember to apply for the grade they will be entering next year, not the grade they are in currently. Click “Save” when complete.

Step Five

• Once your child is registered, you now MUST enter them in the lottery (or lotteries). Do this by clicking the “Enter in new Lottery” button.

• Select the school you wish to enter your child and press “OK.” If you want to register your child for more than one lottery, repeat this process.

• If you have more than one child you wish to enroll, repeat the process by clicking the “Add New Child” button. Once complete, do not forget to enter that child in the lottery or lotteries.

• You are now complete. You can edit and/or change lotteries by logging back into your account before the lottery deadline on March 23rd.