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Advocate for Wayside Schools

Currently in Texas our schools receive zero dollars for facilities funding from the state which limits our ability to serve more students.

We want to help protect our innovative freedoms, gain support for fair policies, and secure facilities funding by creating a sustainable grassroots movement and building a coalition of advocates who support public charter schools in Texas.

Together we can advocate at a state and local level for fair policies for our schools and a quality of education for our students.

How Do We Advocate?

There are many ways we can organize at a grassroots level to advocate for our students:

  • Staying informed of latest news regarding charter schools
  • Sharing personal stories with elected officials
  • Writing Letters to the Editor or Op-Eds
  • Contacting lawmakers (find yours here)
  • Digital organizing- amplifying public charter school message online
  • Attending city council/state town halls
  • Testifying in front of lawmakers at hearings
  • District office visits

Meet Our Campus Grassroots Leaders

More info coming soon!